Plant colouring Level 2 On-site


Training that can be supported by your OPCA.

Professional training in partnership with the Biocoiff' brand - reserved for hairdressers who have already completed the level 1 vegetal colouring course.

Training programme for vegetable colouring level 2


  • Knowledge development
  • Review the basics of plant colorimetry
  • Mastering fading funds on vegetable dye
  • Mastering complex cases


  • Reviewing the basics of plants
  • Deepen your knowledge
  • Discover the different aspects of hair
  • Possible thinning backgrounds on plant material
  • Learn to control them
  • Preparation and application (theoretical and practical)


  • Practice on models
  • Managing complicated cases
  • Review of the day
  • 18:00: End of the course

Rates & Coverage

Cost of the training: 372€ TTC

FAFCEA or AGEFOS funding is possible.

Training dates

27 September 2021

25 October 2021

22 November 2021