Summer is coming to an end... what to advise your clients?

After the summer, it is necessary that your clients take care of their hair!

Here are some tips you can give to your clients in the salon.How should I deal with a client who returns to the salon after the summer?

  • Following the various aggressions that the scalp and hair will have undergone during the summer (salt, chlorine, perspiration, sun, wind...) 🌊☀️it is important to treat yourself to a treatment session at your plant hairdresser. 

  • You will be able to carry out a complete and appropriate diagnosis, to adapt the care to its needs. 

  • You can then provide them with tips to replicate at home with the products that suit them.  

  • Take the time to perform a complete diagnosis to your client: observe the scalp in detail, as well as the hair. 

  • Ask if there was any discomfort felt on the scalp during the summer (itching, tingling ...etc) 🥴
  • Above all, let the client express herself and listen to her so that you know what to do and what to suggest.

And here are some essential products after all these hair aggressions

  • Calendula Shampoo: Soothing for irritated scalps > ideal after the summer  

  • Our nutritive balms: After heating one of the 3 Biocoiff' balms, an oil is formed. Take an oil bath at night to strengthen the keratin. 

  • After Shampoo Ylang Ylang: After each shampoo, wring out your hair with a towel, and leave the AS on while you soap up. 

  • Haircut: To remove damaged scales and split ends, which prevents them from moving up the hair, causing breakage in the future.

You are ready, now it's your turn!